Family Room Minimalist Design Idea

Hello, my name is Nando, nice to meet you on my website, so at the next time I will try to write my article using English, because there are many readers of my article that come from advanced countries like USA.

I am very pleased with your appreciation and support for the development of this simple website, in this article I will give you a design inspiration for the living room space, the design I created is the design chosen by my client after I gave him some space design concepts family for his house.

Like my previous article, I did not design a room from the beginning, but I designed a family room for renovation and in this room it is not large and spacious, this room only has a size of 3m x 5m, this room is between the living room and bedroom we discussed earlier in the previous article.

If your home has a family room or den, we’re guessing it’s probably the most popular room in the house (after the kitchen, of course!). It’s the perfect place to hang out, watch movies, play games, or just relax together.

Family Room Minimalist Design Idea

The photo above is the interior design of the family room chosen by my client, the concept that I use is modern minimalism, not too much space and I only choose home furniture that has the maximum functionality and benefits, besides the small room factor I reduce costs this family room renovation.

A comfortable family room can create a warm atmosphere in the house. So members of the family feel comfortable while at home and can spend time with family to chat, telling their activities in their days. To create a narrow family room design is not easy, there are many problems due to the many requests for furniture that you want to give to the room.

But for interior designers it is not a problem but a challenge that is able to create creativity that was never thought of at all.

Family Room Minimalist Design Idea

Want to spruce up your family room, or turn an unused space into a modern family room everyone wants to spend time in together? Here are some of the most popular elements in an inviting family room:

A large, comfortable sofa or sectional
Extra chairs, ottomans or beanbags
Lots of throw pillows
A rug, for lounging
A TV, and the accompanying accessories
A surround sound system to create a mini-theater experience
Video games, board games or other entertainment
A billiards table, a dart board, or other favorite lounge games
A small bar area, or a spot for refreshments
A play area for kids
A desk or table for games, crafts or homework

After reading my short article, do you now want to renovate unused space into a more useful room? for example a workspace, a family room for your family members at home? for the design of the living room, workspace, bedroom and bathroom you can read it in my previous article or can click the link above.

Hopefully my article can provide many benefits and references to you to start thinking about renovating your residential house.

If you want to design to build or renovate your home, I can help you realize your dreams. I can be contacted through my e-mail or social media that is available at the contact above.

Thank you for reading my article, I apologize if there are many mistakes in writing my article, do not forget to leave critical comments and suggestions in the comments column of my article.

See you in my next article :)

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